Making a difference in kids' lives

We are thrilled with the number of grant applications we’ve received. We will open up for more requests after we’ve been able to process these requests.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to inspire generosity so our colleagues, customers and communities flourish.

As a company, Health-e Pro has chosen to focus on three particular areas that we believe resonate with our customers, partners and staff. They are: increasing food security, encouraging children and families who need a hand up, and boosting leaders of influence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage creativity, passion and resources to impact people around the world.

We’ve seen this personally with joining a hunger project, water projects, and other projects that have made a difference in the community and beyond. There is still so much more that we can do to inspire one another and help those in need. 

Ways to Get Started

  1. Leverage funds to selected charities with like vision
  2. Provide funds to leverage those raised by our customers and partners
  3. To provide matching funds to our own employees for causes that resonate with them

Selected Charities

With our goal in mind, we have spent months researching organizations that offer help for children or hunger. We have identified two primary organizations to which we will devote time and resources: The Leader in Me, and Food for the Hungry.

Partnering With You

Beyond these remarkable charitable groups, we’re inviting you, our customers and partners, to suggest other initiatives or to apply for grants within our Health-e Giving initiative. We are actively encouraging others to join with us in making a difference.

Inspiring Generosity Locally

By empowering and leveraging the giving potential of our own staff, we demonstrate that charity does indeed begin at home. Every great idea has to start somehwere. Check out how one of our employees is making a difference in her community.

Why Health-e Giving

As an organization, we revel in helping our customers successfully build their business and serve our nation’s school children and parents. At the same time, we recognize there is vast, untapped, human potential to make a difference in our world. Our desire is to be a catalyst in unlocking that potential, beginning with people like you in your sphere of influence.  Generosity brings joy to those who embrace it and changes the world by changing people.

Health-e Pro has several intrinsic core values: integrity, genuine relationships, inspiration, and creativity. Infusing everything we do with energy and focus, these core values have inspired us to launch a philanthropic initiative in 2018 called Health-e Giving.