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We’re looking for creative and passionate people who want to make a difference. If that’s you, we’re here to offer support, encouragement and resources to help you inspire others to generosity.

On this page, we provide an example of what resonates with us. You might wish to do something similar with organizations represented here or you may have another idea or organization that you wish to support. Remember, we value your creativity and passion!

When your enthusiasm overlaps our passion in one or more of the following three areas, amazing things can happen.

Increasing Food Security

Giving a Hand Up

Boosting Leaders of Influence

Here are some Ideas to get your creative juices going.

  • Chefs & Dietitians team up to provide nutrition and cooking classes to single parents
  • Partner with a teacher to bring philanthropy lessons to the classroom through Learning To Give
  • Host a Hunger Project in collaboration with your PTA or sponsor one at a district wide inservice
  • Team up with charitable organizations like these examples:
We want to make it easy to apply for funds and present your ideas to us. It’s a two part process. Once we give the go ahead, we’ll ask for more specific details.
Once we’ve made the grant, our only ask is that you tell us the story and how it impacted the world around you. Quotes, stories, blogs or videos are all ways to tell us about how people were inspired to be generous and had their lives changed for the better. We hope to share them with visitors to our website as you help us inspire others.