Fall Give-a-thon

End-Of-The-Year Matching Event

You Give. We Match. Kids Win!

Through Dec 19, your generous donations will be matched by Health-e Giving, so children worldwide can be nourished. As an example, for the price of a few lattes, a school garden can be planted in Peru, providing nutritious lunches for 600 students for 8 months! To make things even more interesting, donations and social media shares will give chances to win a salad bar for a school of your choice, donated by Cambro. See details below.


We’re working with Food for the Hungry to make this happen. 

$20 Donation

5 Salad Bar Giveaway Entries

$100 Donation

50 Salad Bar Giveaway Entries

Social Media Share

1 Salad Bar Giveaway Entry

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Provide food for communities in need

You can help provide a sustainable source of quality proteins, fruits and vegetables to families worldwide.

You give. We match. Kids Win!

Cost to build a school graden

A school garden can benefit and impact over 600 children with nutritious meals. With some families unable to provide meals for their family, the garden can make a tremendous impact for 8 months out of the year.

Cost of two chickens

Chickens provide an excellent source of proteins from their daily eggs. The nutrition from the eggs greatly benefits child nutrition. Chickens lay an average of 2,600 eggs in their lifetime, providing families with food for years to come.

Cost of 20 food tree seedlings

The seeds from these trees will eventually grow to provide foods such as bananas, avocados, papayas, apples, mangos and cashews. The food from these trees will help fight malnutrition for those in need.

Cost of vegetable seeds

These seeds will provide nutritious vegetables to countless families in need of proper nutrition. Families can also sell any additional vegetables in the market to buy anything else they need.

Cost of a goat

Goats provide so many things for a family, including meat, dairy, hides, and fertilizer for gardens. They can survive harsh climates and reproduce easily, building a future for a family in need.

Cost of a beehive

A beehive can create a sustainable income for a family through the production of honey and beeswax. Once sold at the market, the money they earn can then be used to pay for things like medicine and education.

Cost to buy the farm

The farm includes 34 animals. Even just a single animal can give farmers so much hope and improve the lives of many. These animals will improve the nutrition and well-being of so many children and their families.